Danette Yoga


Danette became a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (www.yogaalliance.org) after taking "The Joy of Yoga" 200 hour teacher training.  She also finished her 500 hours training through Niroga Institute in Berkeley, CA. She has been teaching yoga to youth at Fuze in Los Gatos since 2008.  She also shares her practice with both staff and students at her school.  Over the last few years she has taught a Vinyasa Flow yoga at Club One in Palo Alto and at Master Edmonds Martial Arts Academy in Los Gatos. Equally thirsty to deepen her practice and knowledge of all branches of yoga, Danette continually takes workshops, attends conferences on everything from the history of yoga to breathing techniques and how yoga can benefit everyone.  As Danette believes that yoga is one of the greatest gifts she has ever received, she is passionate about returning it to all she’s lucky enough to teach.

A native and current resident of Los Gatos, Danette’s intense desire to teach children began almost two decades ago.  Her dedications to further her education, challenge herself and grow lead her to pursue a Master’s degree in Education from SJSU.  She has spent over 11 years teaching elementary school in Campbell Union School District. Her passion for learning about new places and cultures has taken her on many travels.  She lives in  Los Gatos, CA with her Husband and son.